Thank you very much to interest our LAPHARMAANABOLIC.COM products.

We are so sorry. We do not purchase in this website and E-mail. We are one of LAPHARMAANABOLIC.COM outsource for only product information. We do not know the business, marketing and any distributor.

But you can find a lot of LA Pharm products sellers with your search engine as in or

New E-mail address: sales@LAPHARMAANABOLIC.COM

all of genuine LAPHARMAANABOLIC.COM products must have authenticate code for checking in our website. Please see the sample as the below picture. If there is no authenticity code, it mean fake

Special Note:

Before sending e-mails to LAPHARMAANABOLIC.COM, please read and understand the following facts:

  1. Main purpose of the e-mail address as mentioned is for consumers to have product information, the examples given as the following
    • The problem to check authenticity code or reconfirm our real LAPHARMAANABOLIC.COM products (please send me the pictures of the authenticity code)
    • Complain some defect or quality of LAPHARMAANABOLIC.COM product (1 month warranty, if you are not satisfied in our product quality, you can return all within 1 month).
    • To be not sure the real LAPHARMAANABOLIC.COM product sellers (Personally, we do not know almost of them. They bought from one of our dealers). Priority, please check the products have the authenticity code or not. If there is no authenticity code, it mean fake.
  2. LAPHARMAANABOLIC.COM does not sell products directly through the website.
  3. Please read FAQ section because most of your questions have been answered.
  4. The LAPHARMAANABOLIC.COM products have 2 prices list, one for whole sale and other for retail. Study more information in promotion part.
  5. LAPHARMAANABOLIC.COM Srl. never give guarantee to any website where sell 100% real LAPHARMAANABOLIC.COM products. Please always check the authenticity in this website.